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Course Summary

The online Master’s Degree (M.A.) Interior Design prepares students for a senior or management role in the design industry. The course is studied flexibly, part-time online and can be studied alongside a career or other commitments. The M. A. consists of 6 modules in total.  Starting with advanced research methods, skills which are fundamental to good interior design practice, modules also include innovative technology for interiors, how to understand and stay up to date with trend forecasting, and designing interiors for different cultures. The module on professional practice management will prepare you for a management career in the industry. You will complete a Master’s design project to form part of your professional portfolio. If you are already working in the design industry you can opt to use a live project relevant to your design practice as your Master’s project.

Take Your Career to the Next Level

If you have a BA (Hons) in Interior Design or a similar design qualification and would like to prepare for a senior or management role in the design industry, then this is the ideal next step. Alternatively, those without a Bachelor’s Degree but with an extensive CV and portfolio of relevant design industry experience may apply for entry onto the M.A.

Students graduating from other institutions and international students with equivalent qualifications are all welcome. There are no term times – so you can apply and start at any time. Architects with an existing interior design department or those intending to open one, can also study the M.A. to help them understand and manage the role and benefits of the interior designer within their practice.

Successful NDA students who have completed any BA (Hons) with NDA will be offered a guaranteed place on the online M.A Interior Design with a generous progression scholarship.

Background – NDA Master’s Degree (MA) Student Work

Learning Online

Study flexibly online through our bespoke virtual learning studio (VLS)

The VLS is our exclusive, online resource which replaces the normal lectures given in Colleges and Universities. This provides links to other online resources and may contain videos, images, quizzes and lectures.

Students can rewind and re-watch until they are sure they have understood. No frantic note taking and no missing an important lecture! Study when and where it suits you!

The majority of NDA students will complete their M.A. Interior Design online in approximately 18 months – 2 years, others may take a little longer and an extension may be arranged.

Support & Guidance

Personal Tutors

Every NDA student has a Personal Tutor to guide them through their qualification. You have unlimited access to your tutor and can contact them by email, telephone, Skype or in-person as often as you wish.

Student Support Team

We also have a dedicated Student Support and Administration Team to help deal with any other queries such as payments, student loans advice and anything else you may need a helping hand with.

Our Student Helpline is available Monday–Friday from 9am–5pm.


You will not have to take an exam! Your tutor will assess your design projects as you submit them throughout the course and your portfolio is moderated by De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) who will award your degree.

UK Postgraduate Student Loans

UK Postgraduate Student loans are the most popular way for NDA students resident in the UK to study as they cover the entire cost of their degree. Loans are not based on income or means tested and most students in England & Wales will qualify (Scotland & NI have different arrangements).


The Master of Arts (M.A.) Interior Design is awarded by our academic partner, De Montfort University Leicester (DMU).

What Will I Study?

You will study six modules for this Master of Arts (MA) Interior Design

Advanced Research Methods

This module develops enhanced research skills in order to work at advanced level within the interior design profession. Research skills are fundamental to good interior design practice and the module includes research methods, the development of a design, client proposal and techniques for presenting research material in a visually stimulating manner. Mastering these skills will save you time and help you become more efficient when working within the interior design profession.

Innovative Technology - Interior Design

Innovation in products and materials is vital to the continuing development of interior design. Energy efficiency, minimum waste, the development of new colours and high-performance fabrics are just a few of the exciting innovations driving good practice within the industry. This module explores emerging technologies and materials for interior design giving you a greater understanding of the latest industry requirements.

Trend Forecasting in Interior Design

Trends in interior design happen as a result of predictions and forecasts being identified by specialist agencies and individual influencers. These initial observations then gather momentum and focus until they achieve commercial credibility with ‘trend bibles’ being purchased by both blue-chip companies and design-led manufacturers. This module investigates the individuals, agencies and processes which bring together the trends that are shaping our interiors on a global scale and how you can always stay up to date with future trends.

Cultural Contexts in Interior Design

The most interesting interiors all present a deep understanding of cultural influences from such diverse areas as painting, music, philosophy or literature. Apply the culture and history of different countries within an interior, for results that meet the demands of this exciting global industry. This module explores the ways in which interior designers may reference cultural contexts within their work, providing additional layers of interest to both commercial and residential interiors.

Interior Design Practice Management

The efficient control of the interior design process, from design to installation, is essential to the success of designer, practice and project. Considerations such as the organisation and communication of information, clear scheduling of contractors and deliveries, allocation of budget and minimisation of waste are all equally important. The efficient management of a large or small scale design practice is also essential to the smooth running of a project. This module provides you with the information you need to both successfully manage a project and efficiently manage a design practice.

Master’s Project in Interior Design

This is your chance to showcase your Masters Project which will form the basis of your portfolio. If you are already working in the design industry you can discuss with your tutor how you can opt to use a live project relevant to you or to your design practice. Your project will present your design ideas, critical thinking, awareness of trends and innovation and your ability to communicate through text and visuals. A clear schedule of work, a robust client brief and detailed budget complete the requirements for this exciting module.

Student Gallery

A sample of work completed by our talented interior design Master’s students

Entry Requirements


M.A. applicants should hold one of the following:

Industry Experience

We welcome applications from mature students with a CV showing extensive experience at a senior level in interior design, architecture or similar plus one comprehensive example from your professional portfolio of a design project you have completed to include visuals/plans/sample boards/drawings etc.

English Language

The course is taught in English, so international students will require a good standard of written English to study. IELTS average 6.5 or TOEFL score of 550 is usually required, however all students are considered on an individual basis as we are aware that many international students have already been taught in English at school, college or university.

What's Next?

The interior design industry is growing year on year and the demand for senior qualified interior designers and design practice managers is on the rise globally.

Student Spotlights

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Master's Degree (MA) Tuition Fees

Master's Degree (MA)
18 months–2 years
flexible online study
Tuition Fee £6,450
There are 3 ways for
UK students to pay
for their Degree:

UK Postgraduate Student Loan

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One Payment

£ 6,450 On Enrolment

10 x Monthly Payments

£ 670 Per Month*
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* Monthly payments include admin fee.

Master's Degree (MA)
18 months–2 years
flexible online study
Tuition Fee $9,150
There are 2 ways for
International students
to pay for their Degree:

One Payment

$ 9,150 On Enrolment
  • SAVE $700 by paying in full
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10 x Monthly Payments

$ 9,850 In total*
  • $1,975 on enrolment
  • + 9 x $875 monthly payments

* Monthly payments include admin fee.
All fees in US Dollars.

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